04 December 2017, Environment Agency Abu Dhabi joins the Gulf Model Community

We are happy and very honoured to announce that the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (https://www.ead.ae/SitePages/home.aspx) has joined our Gulf Model Community. The EAD has a very important role in the southern Gulf area in preserving the precious marine environment now and into the future. In doing so, the EAD has built up a tremendous knowledge base and expertise of the marine environment and about the natural system processes. This knowledge, in combination with data and modelling will help to understand and assess the effects of climate change and population growth on the environment and to prepare sustainable strategies for the future.

The partnership of the EAD with our research community has enormous benefits for the community by being able to work together with the marine environmental experts and combining their expertise with modelling to assess these relevant topics for the future of the Gulf region.

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hamyd Dawoud is the main contact person for the EAD for our research community and we all look forward to a successful research collaboration.

09 October 2017, Recent visit of Robin Morelissen to the UAE

The recent September visit to the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah) of Robin Morelissen to discuss the Gulf Model Community has been very successful. During the visit we had meetings with several universities and governmental authorities in the UAE. We discussed how the Gulf Model Community and the new collaborative research initiative, on effects of climate change and desalination on the Gulf and future water production, could help their research and strategic questions in this topic and vice versa.

We are currently working on the follow-up and next steps for the research project. Please send a message or comment on the Gulf Model Community Linkedin group if you are interested to join the research initiative or have ideas to share on these topics.

08 September 2017, Robin Morelissen visits UAE

Next week (10-14 September), Robin Morelissen will be visiting the UAE to discuss the Gulf Model Community and a new research initiative further with several parties. It will be very interested to see what next steps we can take in the development of our Model Community.